Friday, October 15, 2010

Birthday Cakes!

Sorry I haven't been posting.  October is definately one of my bussier months.  I've got 3 October birthdays (On the 2nd, 13th, and 19th)  And each one has to be an extravaganza in their own right.  The big one this year is my youngest girl turned 5 last week.  and it was really a fiasco.  I've always had "family" parties for each of my kids.  But we reserve the "friend" parties till after they start Kindergarten.   Well, my little girl barely missed that cutoff for Kindergarten this year and she REALLY wanted a party.  But I held my ground (I've gotta make it fair for everyone)  So we ended up just taking a few kids out for icecream that day (not technically a party!)  Anyway's I've decided to share some of the cakes we've done in the past for the kids.  They each choose their own style, and get exactly what they want...
Stawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake

Gotta Love the child who only wants doughnuts (so much easier than baking a cake!)

Animal Print Birthday Cake

Neon Colors Birthday cake/cupcakes

Once again gotta love it when it is a basic Cheese Cake (nothing fancy!)

My little Pony Birthday Cake!

Green Dinosaur Birthday Cake!

Pirate Ship Birthday Cake!

Well, only one more birthday to go this month!  Hopefully I can get back into the swing of posting again!

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Tanya said...

Cute! Love the pirate ship cake!