Saturday, October 16, 2010

Updated Laundry Room

I've said it once, i'll say it again... The laundry room is my LEAST favorite room in the house.  Unfortunately it is the room I spend HOURS in. (Much to my chagrin)  Well,  I decided to do something about it. 

Let me first explain to you what I have lived with for 4 years.  Plain walls, nothing on them.  No depth, just  filth  clutter.  Open shelves that were an eyesore, and don't even get me started on the kitty litter box (I'm not a cat person, how on earth did I end up with one???  Oh, yea... little girls) It literally was a prison cell without the bars but with the washer and dryer. 

First I had to add some dimension.  I have seen tons of wainscotting tutorials out there, but I just loved this one from Newly Woodwards.  But it was a little complex so I simplified.  I didn't use the plywood behind it, just painted the walls white.  I also used 1"x2" boards instead of 1"x3".  But I love the way it looks.

And that little problem with the kitty litter box, See that curtain on the right.  Yup, the litterbox is behind there and Mr. Kitty has no problem with it!  I also made a burlap curtain for the window using this tutorial over at Brown Paper Packages.

Of course the whole design color scheme is based off this cute fabric I found at JoAnne's for the Ironing board cover.

I just couldn't resist the "Sock" exchange I found here

And would it really be a room in MY house without vinyl....

I picked up these boxes at Target when they were on sale (2/$7) And my girls added a little ribbon for "style"

Now every one has their own hook for backpacks and jackets. (and most the time they actually get hung up here!)

I made this cute little addition using a wire hanger and a strip of burlap.  Then just hung it by ribbon in an old frame painted black

I needed a pop of color so we made this heart picture with felt and pins.  I love how it turned out!

Well, It still isn't my favorite room.  But at least it is a little bit more bearable now.

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Lareina Benros said...

I totally with that was my laundry room. Great Job!

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Wow! You did a really great job!! Lovin' the fabric you chose.

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Very cute. Now I'm wishing my laundry room wasn't a closet only big enough for the washer/dryer in the hallway.

Annieca107 said...

OK, I feel inspired now. Thanks for sharing !

Janelle said...

You did an amazing job. I do not hate my Laundry room, but it is pretty boring! I think I am inspired to make mine a little prettier!! Great job!!