Friday, September 17, 2010

I finally did it!

I have been waiting for the new Cricut to come out.  And I have to say after seeing it's capabilities, i'm really not that impressed.  (I know, I'm horrible)  I've got  printer already, and I HATE to buy ink for it, so why would I go out and purchase a Cricut that I have  to dump $ into for ink???

I'm cheap, I admit it, it's one of the things my husband loves most about me.  So while surfing around on ebay the other day I found a fantastic deal on a brand new Cricut Expression.  $200 for the expression, a mat, a couple of tools, some vinyl, transfer paper & glass etching stuff, and 2 new cartridges.  So I bid on it.  I'm going to call it an impulse buy!  And I WON!!!  I never win on ebay (cause i'm cheap)  Then the thought hit me.  I can't afford this.... what to do?   I've got to sell some stuff.   So I sold my old personal cricut (still in excellent working order) and some cartridges (I haven't used cartridges in over 9 months)  and WHAM BAM THANKYOU MAM  It was paid for!

Now one of my friends was asking me about selling my cartridges (since they work on all machines) and I told her that since I had purchased the Sure Cuts Alot 2 back at Christmas I hadn't used any of them.  But it got me thinking.  WHAT IF.....  What if I find myself suddenly needing one of the images on a cricut cartridge????  So I set out to work and I figured it out.  I can use my Design Studio (purchased before Sure Cuts Alot) to trace the image.  Then use inkscape to turn it into an SVG and then I cut it out.  I just opened up the whole Cricut library to my Sure Cuts Alot!  (OOPS, sorry Provo Craft!)

Then earlier this morning, the UPS guy pulled infront of the house.  I almost squeeled with excitement (only 2 days in shipping)  My little 4 year old ran outside so fast I think she scared him.  He smiled at her and stated.... "Gee, did you get a new toy?"  To which she exclaimed, "NOPE, my mommy did!"   and I am in love with it. 

And she loves it too!


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

I love the fact that your daughter ran out to get it! Awesome.

Tanya said...


Chacoy said...

Please post a tutorial on how to do trace them etc. with sure cuts a lot;}
PLEASE with a cherry on top! lol