Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Updating a Kitchen on a Budget

I’ve got an L shaped kitchen. Technically I've got an "eat-in" kitchen, but technically the dining area is around the corner, so if I want to be spiffy, i've got a separate dining area.  I love my kitchen, but it drives me crazy. The floor doesn’t match the counters and vice versa. I can’t find a backsplash that will match both. I’ve thought about white subway tiles, but that conflicts with my “cheap” side. When we bought our home it had a basic white, laminate kitchen. No special lighting, nothing to make it stand out (except the old 1960’s style above the sink) So a little while ago I decided it HAD to change, maybe just a little more updated?

Our stove finally went kaput (seeing that it was a hand me down from my Mom’s house, not too bad, it was only 20+ years old)

So my hubby and I shopped around online and found a great stainless one for $150 and it's only a couple of years old. Yup, only $150, I couldn’t believe it either. It was filthy, but with A LOT of elbow grease it looks great.

In addition to that little number, I sold some of our old items that were gathering dust in the garage and was able to purchase an above the stove microwave. So I set out with a mission. How do I make the kitchen “pretty” without spending a lot of $$$$$
Here are my before pics….

And this is now!
(sorry my counter tops are RARELY spotlessly clean)

I moved the cabinet above the stove and installed the over-the-range microwave (CAUTION- ask for help, my back hurt for a week after this, and as a side note the correct way to install one of these puppies is to let your husband do it.  The frustration just isn't worth it!) That cleared up a lot of counter space.

I removed the little wooden swag thingy above the sink and did a little touch up paint.

I had some under cabinet lighting hanging around in the garage, so I snapped that up and installed it under the cabinets

I ran down to Home Depot and picked up a thin piece of crown molding and put that around the tops of all the cabinets (it cost me about $20 for the molding)

Now on to the FUN stuff....

For the cabinets I ran to the dollar store and picked up a bunch of fake grass and put that in bunches on top of the cabinets (about $8).  Using some scraps of wood in the garage I spray painted them red ($3) and used my vinyl to cut out words (Enjoy, Bon Appetit, Delicious, and Gourmet)  Then I ran through the house looking for little nick naks to put up top.  Some vases, little iron thingy's, ect.  Finally I ran some rope lighting ($10) to brighten it all up.

For the 2 windows I found some clearance material at Home Fabrics for $2/yard and made some faux shades.
For the light above the sink I picked up a hanging light from IKEA (i think it was $8) and hung it myself.  I even took a little black paint and painted the brass light fixtures to make them a little more updated.

Total: $53
It may not be perfect, but it is definitely a little better than before.

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Sweet Bee Cottage said...

You rock! $53? Incredible! You should definitely be giving yourself a pat on that sore back of yours. :)

Erin said...

so adorable! How did you attach the mini-shades to the windows?

Anonymous said...

This looks GREAT! There's no way I could even attempt something like that. Great job!