Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kids enjoying CLEANING!

I think I have finally lost it...   At this exact moment, my kido's are in the other room actually "fighting" over who gets to CLEAN!  I didn't think I would live to see this day.  How did I do it???  Some new chore chart, or the best reward system around.  NOPE.  Rolling the dice.

Let me start at the beginning.  I searched out, getting kids to clean on Google a while back and came across a few ideas.  The best one was to turn it into a game.  My kids favorite, the color game.  I shout out a color and everyone scrambles to put away that color, who ever puts away the most things wins the game (and usually gets a cookie)  They liked this so much I did some more research.

I saw these on a great blog, and for the life of me I can't remember which blog it was on (if it is yours let me know so I can link to it)  It is the cleaning dice....

It is just a simple 4x4 post cut down into a dice.  I sanded it and rough painted it (i figured why spend a lot of time on the finish, the kids would 'ding' it up rolling it)  I then added the vinyl with the daily house hold cores (sweep, vacuum, family room, bath room, kitchen, and of course FREE DAY) 

Here are the rules. 
     1)  First one done with their rooms gets to roll the dice first. 
     2)  Whatever it lands on that is your chore. 
     3)  If you land on the Free Day, you don't have to do chores that day. 
     4)  If a chore has already been rolled you must roll the dice again. 
     5)  You can't get a Free Day 2 days in a row.
     6)  If you finish your chore you can earn an extra snack by rolling the dice again.

The kids LOVE it. Then I decided, why not make the colored dice.  For when the play room is REALLY messy.  They roll the dice and that's the color they pick up.

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Tanya said...

Very clever!

My oldest is three and refuses anything that even resembles cleaning or tidying. Frustrating!

Bette said...

I love that!

My kids do a pretty good job of helping out... but I usually have to bride with something.

Amy said...

This will be great for me in the future. My kiddos are 1 1/2 and almost 4. The 4 year vaccummed our whole house today...I asked if he wanted this to be his weekly chore...he got all excited and said YES!! This is great, but why couldn't he love to clean the toilets?

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Love this, I gave you a blogger award:

Susan said...

LOVE this idea!! I'm going to give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Shannon In Florida said...

ok... so we made this and it failed miserably. There was always a fight over who actually got to roll first, claiming I was finished first so then we decided to take turns and each person got to roll first on alternating days. Then they would get mad because they would roll the same chore two times in a row, so we made the rule you can not do the same chore two times in a row, then they were upset that they had to do the same chores over and over because they never rolled one chore ever. It was more of a mess then just giving chores. So my husband makes a list and you are stuck with that chore for the whole month. Sounded like a great idea but ended awful. (for my three kids anyway.)