Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cricut & Sure Cuts Alot 2

So if you haven't heard yet one of the greatest inventions since the cricut by Provo Craft is definately the Sure Cuts Alot Software

It is amazing.  For the cost of less than 2 Cricut cartridges you can use all the True Type Fonts on your computer (and the millions you can download free online)  Along with the numerous fonts you can cut pictures and shapes, design your own things and have them cut.  I purchased this at Christmas time, and have used it daily since.  I use it for scrapbooking, vinyl, crafting and even sewing.  I haven't purchased a cricut cartridge since.  I LOVE IT!  You've got to try it.  Just click on the link on my sidebar and it will take you to it.  It is worth the cost as it has probably saved me hundreds over the past couple of months and it has opened it up so that I no longer am limited to the cuts on the cricut cartridges.

P.S.  I was asked about it negating the warranty on your cricut.  I'm not sure if it does or not, though I have no idea how Provo Craft would know if you used it or not, but I can tell you this.  The Cricut Warranty is one year, my machine is older than that so it wasn't even a worry for me.  I've had no problems with it.  And my cartridges that I had previous to the Sure Cuts alot still work just fine. 


Kayleen@The Johnsosn Home said...

Thanks. I bought the Sure Cuts alot software at Christmas time too. I have not even opened the box. Your post made me want to give it a try. I have been a little worried about how it would work. Thanks again for sharing.

sewinggiraffe said...

I like your blog! You're an inspiration! I'm also a SAHM with only 4 kids and love to sew. I was looking to purchase a Cricut Expression with Sure Cuts Alot. I would like to use it with fabric or felt. Is it easy and are the results satisfying? I guess you use it for appliqu├ęs? Thanks

Holm Made said...

Hi, sewinggiraffe (I love that name) I have used my expression with thin cotton fabric but never used it with felt. It takes a little practice to get the fabric to cut just right but it works great. I would just steer clear of using it with silks or knits (ya know, something that is easy to snag) and use a SHARP blade.