Monday, August 16, 2010

Lookie What I Found

I am SO excited.  I have been looking for the perfect dresser to turn into an Entertainment center (hopefully the wallmounted TV will eventually come)  I've searched every DI from here to forever almost everyweekend.  I've hit too many garage sales to mention.  And when I had finally given up I found this...
It's PERFECT, of course it was once again sitting in room filled with "fido's" little presents but hey it was FREE!
You can't get better than that!  And it is SO sturdy.  The wood around the base is trashed (once again thanks fido-seriously people, if you have a dog train it!) It was obviously in a teenagers room (thanks to the graffiti on the walls) so it was all scratched up, but it is PERFECT! 

My kido's and I headed out and started sanding... It took hours but we finally got it done.  A couple coats of paint and VOILA!  I love it! 
I am tempted to find some specialized hinges for the middle drawers.  The kind that slide out and then down.  Then I would be able to open those drawers like cupboards and keep the cablebox, dvd, WII ect in them.  But hey, that will come....


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