Monday, August 2, 2010

The Perfect Kid Spot Pillow

Ok, so I have seen a TON of floor pillows out in the stores and online lately.  They look so nice, especially if you have a large family and only one sofa.  But really, $35+ for one oversized pillow.   I know I could make one of those for a portion of the cost.  So me and the kido's headed over to "Home Fabrics" (can you tell I love that store, they should offer a frequent shopper discount)  We always attack the Clearance section.  and each one of the kids picked out their own pattern (except for my 16 year old, who is just TOO cool to do that!) 

Anyway's we headed homw with 1 yard of each fabric and went to town with the sewing machine.  This is what we ended up with.

I put handles on them so the kids could lug them around (sorry, i'm NOT a pack mule contrary to public opinion)

The rules of the floor pillows are simple
     1- No one is allowed to touch anyone elses floor pillow
     2- Floor pillows are not allowed to touch each other
     3- Keep your hands & feet inside the floor pillow area at all times :)
     4- This is YOUR spot, cherish it as a small piece of privacy

Its great, if we're watching a movie the kids are hanging out on the pillows instead of fighting over the couch.  If there needs to be a "time-out" the floor pillow heads to the corner and they stay on it (AMAZING)  The little ones even use it to take a nap on.  It's great!

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