Monday, August 30, 2010

An Updated Wreath

I have been trying to make my front door more inviting.  It was originally white, then green & now I've painted it black.  (Finally a door I like!)  The biggest problem I have is I don't have an actuall front porch.  Don't get me wrong, there are steps leading up to the door an a small cement square to stand on before you enter.  But it isn't big enough to decorate.  It drives me crazy.  I would love to have one of those inviting doors with cute little things set to the side welcoming visitors to my home, but no such luck....

I have probably tried out at least 25 different wreaths and various door hangings.  But once again.... nothing that would "stick"  That got me thinking.... stick.... VINYL!   Of course, it is everywhere else in the house, why not the front door!  So up went the WELCOME sign
Now onto the wreath.  I picked up a cheap vine wreath at Michaels using a coupon that I had and spray painted it white so it would really pop against the black door
Next, I headed over to Roberts and picked up a vine with some cute yellowish-purplish berries, leaves, & twigs. (using the 40% off coupon it only came to $3.50) When I got home I had the little ones help me tear apart the vine so I could start gluing.  First I put on the leaves using a little dab of hot glue
Then I followed it up with the berries and vines
I hung it to the door using a clear, over the door wreath hanger (I love this one, it actually has 2 hooks, one for each side of the door so I can hang something on the inside of the door)
I'm thinking of adding a wooden letter hanging in the center of the wreath, but my creative side wants to create some sort of holiday hanging for that spot.  That I can change out with the seasons/holidays.  I guess we'll see what comes.

Show and Tell Green
Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden


Tanya said...

The vinyl is a great touch, and your new wreath is nice too...perfect for the season.

Orange it Lovely said...

I love it!!!
I am having the same dilemma with the color of my door. Orange or Black. I really love yours!
The wreath is gorgeous! I would add a letter in the center. I love that look!
Either way its lovely!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of changing what hangs in the center of the wreath with the holidays. So cute! I could see little painted wooden figurines that match the seasons.