Thursday, August 26, 2010

Down East Basics Inspired T-shirt

My beautiful daughter came home the other day from a back to school shopping extravaganza with some adorable clothes. One in particular is a really cute shirt from Down East Basics
It is called their Soft & Pretty Top (which it is) and it costs about $25. Not TOO extravagant but still more than I would spend on a shirt for myself. I kinda chuckled when she showed it to me and then set out to make one of my own.  I hit the dollar store yesterday and they had just refilled their t-shirt bins!!! Yea, for me. I picked up a couple white t-shirts for $1.

First I decided that I really didn’t want the longer short sleeves, I really wanted more of a cap sleeve. So I cut of the sleeves.

Next I decided where I wanted the neckline to fall and drew it out with one of my quilting pencils,

Then, take one of your extra t-shirts and cut strips off the bottom. Just a little note here, my first attempt I used 1” strips and when I got it all sewed together it was WAY too heavy and pulled the shirt down. I would recommend ¼” – ½” wide strips.

Take these a sew them onto the top edge of your shirt then braid as you sew. I guess you could braid and then sew it on, but I was trying to hide the stitching so I would sew and then cross in front of the stitching. (sorry, my pic’s here didn’t turn out) Continue around until you have a 2 “ gap between the start & finish of the braided neckline. (you want this gap for the flower)

I took some of the scraps from the extra t-shirt and turned them into a few simple ruffled flowers (I’ve seen so many tutorials on this, I won’t add one here, unless you really need one! Let me know)

Then just sew them into the gap on the neckline… I added a few strands just for some dimension, but it would be up to you.

I really wanted some texture on the sleeves, so I made a couple slits and tied some small knots.
I love it, What do you think! (My daughter was kinda irked that mine cost $1 and she paid $25)


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Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Oh, I like this alot! It turned out very well. I love your creative outlook and your "design on the fly." Never thought to do the braided neckline or the tiny knots in the sleeves. Kudos!

Bonnie said...

That looks awesome! Great idea. I love down east.

Jill said...

I love this! I'm thinking I may just have to try making one...